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Here at Elitecoachinggroup.com, we know exactly how difficult the job market can be. Everywhere we look, we see downsizes, mergers and acquisitions, and a general job-market shakedown.

We know that things might look bleak – but there’s light at the end of this tunnel…and we’re here to help you find that light.

During these trying economic times, many companies have been forced to downsize, leaving hordes of casualties strewn across the job landscape. Speaking from personal experience, I can unabashedly say that losing my job in 2009 was one thing – the really trying and frustrating part came in finding a new, compatible one is a job market that just continually dwindling to shocking levels. I happen to live in the state that has the second highest unemployment rate (Nevada), so trust me, I know the struggle. And life constantly throws curves at us. My neighbor had been acting weirdly lately and when I finally got her to talk about it, she tells me she thinks she might have an std. Whoa! I immediately urged her to get tested for stds – and sent her to a website where she could buy a discreet sti test kit at home without having to reveal her identity or go in an deal with medical personnel. She placed the order and one week later, the test proved negative – turned out she only had a yeast infection and could be treated with some over the counter meds. Whew!

A bright note: A friend of mine, Marty, was working for an online wig store as a salesman for a very unpleasant owner of the site and slowly slipping into debt because he wasn’t generating enough income. His life felt out of control. One day Marty happened to take a phone call that was a cold call from a person who was an SEO expert offering services which the wig web site. Marty worked for, sorely needed. My friend, Marty hit it off with this SEO expert and the two of them decided to start an online wig business on their own. Marty would handle the sales and the SEO expert would build the site. Marty quite his job. Jump ahead four years later. The web site sells Raquel Welch designer wigs, as well as other brands and is a success with high google search ranks. Marty is making a living with the income from the e commerce wig store, he’s running a sales team with his philosophy of offering the best customer service possible, and he’s doing what he loves which is selling Raquel Welch wigs, Jon Renua wigs, Gabor wigs as well as other quality wig brands made from either synthetic fiber or human hair.

But what would life be without struggle? It’s how we learn to roll with the punches and evolve. Now, armed with the knowledge that being jobless for the half of 2009 imparted, I thought I’d share some of the “tools of the trade” that help me get through it.

If you’re a job seeker who needs career guidance, advice, and a job, than this site’s built just for you. Across this website, you’ll find expert advice on resume-building, comprehensive information regarding career coaching, and comprehensive job search tips that can really make a difference. I hope that you’ll 1) find the information withini invaluable, and 2) it’ll get you in the right mindset to 3) get that perfect job that you’ve been dreaming of.

Know that it’s possible.

Check out my pages, and put the solid advice that you’ll found within into practice. Just by virtue of doing that, and taking control of your job situation, you’ll already be moving in the right direction.

I challenge any one who takes their life seriously to try this out. If you want to become more of a success * accomplish your goals then you can not afford to ignore this message. The system can help any one who is serious & willing to work for what they want.

We maintain this site the best that we can but we have many projects under our control & we are aware that some of them can take a back seat from time to time. We always strive to keep these pages monitored regularly. If you would like to reach out to us please feel free. We love to hear from all of our readers. If you have a comment, question or even a concern please let us know. We try to answer all of the important mail in the prder it arrives but remember we are busy just like you are so be patient.

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