Career Coaching

There’s a new, exciting career path to consider for job seekers with relevant work experience, and it’s a position that also has value to job seekers that need career guidance. Along with job seekers, the internet provides resources like- profile pages, business and professional links,

Introducing the career coach, an exciting and relatively new (two years) evolution / addition to the job-seeking market.

If you happen to be a job recruiter, staffing specialist, career counselor, resume writer, or human resource pro, you’ll find that career coaching is right up your alley.

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During this tough economy, it is no secret that many individuals have been hit hard with downsizings and “reorganizations”, and as a consequence, many people have turned to staffing professionals for career help. Know that now, job search-related careers is now a multi-billion industry. It’s more than a trend – and as a result, new career paths have developed for the job search professional. The career oach is one of these new job categories.

A career coach is your job search partner who will help you better identify your competencies, identify your career objects, and discuss and resolve any obstacles that might be in the way from you reaching your full employment and career potential. A career coach can help you develop and put into play a successful job search campaign, and can help you with the interview and hiring process. It doesn’t have to stop there – many career coaches are still there to help you after you’re hired with long-term career planing and advancement.

Know that most coaches bill by the hour (with rates usually ranging from $50 to $250 per hour), and when you in the market for one, shop around carefully. Review success rates and client testimonials to select the coach best suited to your own skills and ambition. A career coach can truly be invaluable in today’s competitive, ever – evolving and frankly, difficult job market.

Use your personal / professional network. Many job openings are even advertised, so spread the word that you are looking. Ask if the folks within your network can help. Many can and will if they know you are in the market.


Rev It Up

Use the job search engines listed on this site. And do not stop with the bigwigs: check out the smaller niche sites that specialize in specific fields, like tech jobs.


Become Alert

Sign up for job alerts so that you will receive job listings / openings via email.

It is all about looking at all your possibilities and making the best decision that fits you and your life to receive unemployment benefits.

Always consider all of your choices before making any decision.

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