Career Management Coach / Career Marketing Coach

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As part of our ongoing study into career coaching, below are two subdivisions of the profession. On this page, we’ll explore the two distinct directions that Career Coaching has taken. Career coaching can be broadly divided into short-term and long-term support.

Career Management Coach

A Career Management Coach usually focuses on broader issues related to the entire span of your career – he / she will take a close look at your past, present and the future and help you develop the right plan to reach your fullest potential. A Career Management Coach offers long-term, comprehensive support – and can focus on personal issues that might have or is preventing you from going all the way. If you’re a job seeker that wants to change your career direction, and may not have a clear objective or are otherwise uncertain, a Career Management Coach can help. They’ll explore / evaluate your job skills taking into account where you want to find yourself in your career. If you don’t know, they’ll give you options to consider. Career Management Coaches serve as advisor, career strategist and confidante, and they can fit quite well into your “personal” support team.

Career Marketing Coach

On the other side of the spectrum, a Career Marketing Coach usually offers short-term support and services that’ll help guide you in developing and putting into play an immediate job search campaign. A Career Marketing Coach will usually focus on defining your job objectives, and then help you in developing an action plan (known in their world as an Integrated Career Marketing Plan) to get there. Career Marketing Coaches are best for those job seekers who already have a firm grasp of who they are professionally-speaking, and the type of position they’d like to land.

Regardless of whether you require long-term or short-term support and job services, a career coach can do wonders.

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** Update **

I just want to let you know about my personal experience. I have a coach now & have had him for some time. I really & truly believe that it has changed my life enormously. I have such a better outlook. I am able to handle more & seems to have a much firmer grasp of what I would like to accomplish. It has changed my life in ways I would have never even been able to have guess. It was the best decision of my life & I highly recommend the same for you.

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