Have you ever had the feeling that you were in the wrong field? felt like you had made some wrong turns along the way you can’t figure out the best way to fix the problem? I have, as a matter of fact it used to happen all of the time. I went to school played some sports growing up. I did ok in high school but I never even made it to college. I just started working over at the local grocery store. I worked there for a little over a year then I decided that it was a bit too boring for me I quit.

I found another job shortly thereafter selling the Las Vegas Review Journal. It was a door to door job. I had to literally walk around from door to door selling people subscriptions to the paper. I actually enjoyed that job a lot. I did not make much money doing it. Eventually the Las Vegas Review Journal started selling them in a different fashion altogether. They no longer needed us. We were all let go. I did not mind though. It’s not like it was a career. I was just passing time. I had plenty of other possibilities. I was in no rush to find a permanent job. I did eventually realize that there was a pattern emerging. I was just traveling the path of life blindly. I was bumping into a job here there but I really had no prospects for a career.

I traveled to Australia and worked for a relative, second or third cousin of my father who was in real estate. I was coached by my cousin to employ proven sales tactics to get folks to invest in Queensland properties. I liked her. I even spent time at her home in Arcadia, Australia. Her home has rather famous gardens that are opened once a year during the annual Galston District Garden Club tour of local gardens. She was a minor leader in her home town, known for her humanitarian and charity work. Eventually I said goodbye to dear cousin and left my employment at Heritage Financial Solutions. I think some of the investors were getting a great deal. After that I wandered around “Down Under” for about six months and finally returned to the US.

It was at this point that I began to reanalyze my position on a lot of things. I started wondering what was I was doing. Did my life even had any meaning. I came upon some very hard answers that I did not like at all. I realized then that if I wanted to mean anything to this world I would have to make some very serious changes. I would no longer be able to just slide by without applying myself. I made some very hard decisions which resulted in my immediately beginning to change my behaviors. I went back to school in the evenings, accomplished a degree which I used at first to get a promotion that led to getting a better job. It was a start that I might be able to turn into a career someday.

I continued to work hard until I found myself in a wonderful position where I could control my own destiny. I no longer had to rely on luck to find work. I did not have to worry about losing my job because I had become an valuable member of my team. They could not manage without me. I may be able to help you accomplish the same thing if you are willing to work hard and do what is necessary to succeed.

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