Job Search Tips

On this page, you’ll find some time-saving job search tips that will help ease your transition from desperately-unemployed to happily and gainfully-employed. Read ’em and use ’em – they work.


Be Prepared….Always

Make sure that you have a voice mail system in play at all times, and also sign up for a professional email address, if possible. If you have a cell number, put it on your resume, so you’re always reachable.

As well, already have a list of three references ready. Be prepared to give interviews your references’ name, phone number, company, job title and email address info immediately upon request.


Then Be Prepared To Be Even More Prepared….Always

Even if you’re not currently in the job-seeking market, you should always have an up-to-date resume on hand ready to send out. Sometimes you have to make a tough choice and move for a job. This can be both exciting and stressful. You never know when things can change (dramatic job loss, or dramatic job opportunity that falls in your lap). And if you have a strong sense of what you’d like to do, focus on it, and prepare for that specific eventuality.

All this “be prepared” advice reminds me of the time when I was trying to find the best moment to spring a proposal of marriage on my girlfriend. I was already prepared with the ring. I had spent hours online searching for the best ring I could find. I did a search for non-diamond engagement rings and fake engagement ring! Putting it that way makes it sound like I was looking for a cheap, none-diamond babble. But the truth was that although I couldn’t afford a real diamond ring, I still wanted not only an affordable ring, but also one that was memorable. SterlingForever was the e commerce site that fulfilled both my requirements with their fake engagement rings made from sterling silver and cubic zirconia, a synthetic gemstone that is the best alternative for a real diamond. Their engagement rings are amazing. Let me just say that sparkly, dazzling, and trendy CZ rings make beautiful engagement rings. So I carried the engagement ring around with me, until finally the right moment occurred and I pounced! It was both exciting and stressful.As I expounded before if you have a strong sense of what you’d like to do, focus on it, and then be prepare for the eventuality whether you are looking for a job or proposing marriage, or…whatever.

For example, my brother was a car used salesman, lost his job, and decided to embrace e-commerce. One day while he was looking online for some toilet paper and multifold towels for a friend’s gas station / repair shop, he came across CleanItSupplies, a wholesale janitorial cleaning supplies company, with a large online website. He loved what they were offering on their website across a broad spectrum of product: janitorial supplies, restaurant supplies, office supplies, snack & breakroom, industrial & safety, technology products, ink & toner, and office furniture. My brother jumped right in to learn more about CleanItSupplies, about the products they sold focusing particularly on their janitorial supplies, and then applied for a salesman’s job. Following my advice, he landed a position.

Another more general example: if you’re tending toward a career in real estate, learn the buzz words of that industry – terms like “sell house quickly” or “buy my house” are some of the most searched for terms, and you need to demonstrate an understanding of this fact. Because the internet is now the primary job search tool, it is also the primary job hiring tool. So the real estate agents that would be hiring you will very likely want to know what your credentials are the moment an opportunity arises. Be prepared with knowledge of locations, pricing, knowledge of conveyance fees, and be able to converse comfortably in the jargon of property. In the UK, this means also understanding the recent financial condition of the markets and how those conditions impact availability and mortgage costs. Don’t wait for the last minute to prepare. Having this information at your fingertips is the only way to have the credibility your real estate employers expect from future hires.


Don’t Wait – Don’t Even Hesitate

File for unemployment benefits right away, either by filing online or by phone. The last thing you want to find out is that your delay in filing delays your benefits.


Use All Of The Resources At Your Disposal

College career offices, State Department of Labor offices and your local library all offer free or really inexpensive job-related services, such as career counseling and job search assistance. Use ’em.


Put It Out There

Hopefully, this information help you out at some point.

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