Top Job Search Engines

Chances are you’re in the job market, or you wouldn’t be here. Each search engine offers unique features all designed to ease and streamline your job search.
For instance, lets say you have done a major job search and found a number of openings. You are pumped! Thank goodness you have recently installed a dog door at your house so you don’t have to worry about your dogs remaining inside all the time with no one to walk them. Sure you paid a bit more for an electronic dog door that is collar activated using some sort of RFID technology, but you won’t have to be concerned about some unwanted animals such as skunks, racoons, feral cats or even the neighbor’s dog getting into the house since the dog door will only open for your pets with their collar keys. Such cool technology.

If you advance to the point of a personal interview, be aware of some basic rules. How you look might be critical to many jobs where you are a customer facing employee. Conservative dress is usually best. And if you have tatoos, you might want to wear clothing that minimizes them. Watch out for too much bling. You may love your gold and silver rings, but going overboard may not go over well. Keep those giant statement rings & gold necklaces at home and remember that most men will frown upon guys showing off too much jewelry of any kind – don’t want to look like a gang member or a drug dealer. Short hair, modest attire, well groomed and clean is most likely to make the best first impression.

However, many jobs request personal interviews which requires driving a significant distance from your home. Your car’s rear brake system started sounding and acting weirdly. You took the car into the garage and you need new brakes. It’s too unsafe to drive to work, you barely made it to the garage. Without a credit card, no spare cash in the bank, and just enough money to pay the bills and get food on the table for the next three weeks, till your next paycheck. You need to make those interviews. One easy solution is applying for an cash advance online loan. This is only a short term solution, but it will get you out of this jam. You get money transferred into your bank account within 24 hours. The car brakes will be fixed, and you can get to those interviews. You pay the loan back when you receive your next paycheck.  

1. gives users lots of job-seeking extras, such as networking boards, online resume posting and job search alerts. You can narrow your search by location, employer, and keywords


Like Monster, is another hugely-popular and rock – solid employment search engine. Though you can’t submit your resume from, the job search engine itself more than makes up for that. It’s a metasearch engine that culls information from many different job-seeking related sites to help you uncover job openings you may not otherwise know exists out there.


If you’ve got your eye on a high – paying government job, is your one stop shop. Just go the home page, click on the Jobs and Education page, then click on Government Jobs.

4. CareerBuilder

At CareerBuilder, job seekers can post their resumes, create job alerts, find job fairs, and receive solid, useful career advice and other job – related resources.

5. Dice

If you’re looking for a niche, technology – based job / career, is your spot.

6. is equal parts job search engine and networking site. You will be able to scour the web for jobs, and hook up virtually with like-minded friends and individuals that can help solidify your career path.

7. Craigslist

You can find anything on Craigslist. Whether you’re looking for part-time, seasonal, full – time or one – off positions, you will find it here, all neatly categorized into job categories, such as non – profit, government, media, writing, etc. To get started, just navigate to and find your city (or country, then city).

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